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"Natalie is a wonderful yoga teacher and always a kind and warm presence.  I've tried other beginners classes but found the pace too demanding and its almost put me off pursuing yoga.  Then I was fortunate enough come across Natali's class.  Natalie's approach is so gentle and gradual and I have found my yoga practice is developing at a pace that feels very natural. I attribute this to Natalie's ability to be instinctively attuned to her students' needs and abilities. Her Zoom classes, especially the Sunrise classes, have saved my sanity during lockdown. In addition to the mental health benefits, I've lost half a stone and my friend told me I'm looking quite toned! I'm so very grateful that thanks to Natalie, I have discovered yoga for life"

"Natalie's yoga classes are a great start to the day.  She provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere and encourages everyone to go at their own pace.  Incorporating Loveyouloveyoga sessions into my daily routine helps me to start the day. in a positive frame of mind.  Highly recommend"

"Yet another amazing retreat.  I feel restored, relaxed and energised. Thank you ladies x"

"I thoroughly enjoyed Monday evening's Yoga Rest Fest.  I felt relaxed and recharged and ready to face the week ahead and I slept extremely well."

"Everything about the retreat has been wonderful.  Each of the sessions were perfectly pitched at any level.  The food was amazing.  Can't wait for the next day"

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